Saturday, 11 August 2012

Interesting Non-Facts about the Mars Rover

It was recently brought to my attention that with the landing of the new rover on Mars, space exploration may once again be...well...let's just call it "not as lame as it has been the last few years".  So, being that I am not at all interested in space, I thought I would break from the norm on my blog to take this moment and point out some "Interesting Non-Facts" about the images recently sent back by the Mars Rover. 

All of the images are captured from this site...isn't technology cool:

1. Apparently NASA is run by a group of teenage referenced by the doughnuts they did while pulling into this parking spot to set up the camera...Very James Bond-esque NASA...touchee.

This is the martian version of a 7/11 parking lot apparently
2.  The invasion begins now! 

We are not alone...
You saw it here first...We all know what this leads to...That's right, sexy Canadian starship commanders with interesting speech patterns going fist to fist with the damn dirty reptilian devils...I knew it! 

Hopefully there are some Tribbles in there somewhere...

3.  Either someone at NASA forgot to remove their dinner plate or hollywood has been selling it straight and there is a Transformer hiding under this blocked part of the image...

Alright someone bring out the slo-mo shot of Megan Fox's butt.
Well, there you go, that should keep you conspriacy theorists busy for a while.  This was a interesting diversion...:)

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