Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Canadian In Paris: A New Direction

Over the past two months I have been writing (sporadically) about what has been happening in my life.  honestly, I find it tedious and a bit boring.  So, I am taking my blog in a new direction starting today.  Instead of basing the blog around a retelling of my day to day I am going to base it around a few regular miniseries of articles.  So, without further adieu, here are the first series you can expect to see on the blog:

1. Observations From Across the Pond:  This is the one that I will be continuing from the original blog format.  Most people tended to like these articles the best in the past and they will remain as they have been.  It will still be a regular list of a few quirky observations that I have made about French/and European culture.

2. Franglaise:  I am trying to learn French, and the more I try to learn, the more I learn I am doing it wrong...basically, this series will be devoted to discussing things I have learned about speaking the French language, differences between France French and Quebec French and the differences in the way you speak to someone (formalities etc.)

3. Eric's Uninformed Travel Tips: As the title suggests, I will, based on my limited experience and knowledge, pass on some of the experiences I have had and places I have visited in France and Europe. 

4.  A Funny Thing Happened...: I do feel I still have to talk about day to day life here in some way so I will keep this series to recount only the interesting stories that occur while I am living in France.

So there you go, I think that this new direction will help make all the articles a little more interesting on the blog.  Hope you all continue to tune in.  Look for the first collection of new articles in the next few days.

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